Azizi Gibson - Ghost In The Shell prod. by Jonathan Lowell

Текст песни:

Look and see what I see....

[Verse 1 Azizi Gibson] Make sure u keep it trill
Take care of moms and pay for her
Travel the world and smoke on that kill
O u wanna gang bang but it only get u killed
I protect myself even with steal
Don't Needa be a thug u just know the fucking deal
Wether it's living in heaven and hell
I'mma popped these nggas I ain't never goina hell

My father from Harlem
Stroller wat they call him
He introduced me to music
Now shits just stupid

I thank god for my last bitch
Not to mentions new bitch
That girl that I met last week
And the girl I'm about to go do shitttt

Roll down the windows lets ride
I'm down to drive til I die
Relive life in a set of new eyes
The g codes real I don't even Needa cry
Cut thru the bull shit with no knifes
Be smart nigga don't grab yo 9
U know when it's time, when ya mother dyin
That's when u go kill whoever on te grind

Ignant I might be and I a bit naive
Cuz my little niggas dying
When they never learn to squeeze
Everybody taking shots but I ain't heard a kick of cheese

They shooting my before they say freeze


[Verse 2 azizi gibson]
Product of my environment
That's folk that Ryder shyt
Palms trees and idicas
We lay back and get high as fck

We some sasuke niggas no changing us
Like naruto boy I fin to fuk shit up

This world we live in
Got me spinning
Only thinking bout sinning
I need forgiveness
Fuck these bitches
Only thing I worried bout is winnig
Pay dat bull shit
Live in a cool a whip
But I don't think u moving
But I'm not quite
I'm no pirate
But only thing I'm worries bout is booty

Betta call me capo
A heart steal a soul that hollow
2 am finna find me taco
Left club wit two that'll e swallow
Now we at my place my drinking bottle
20 minutes now I'm fucking these models
That's the story of my night
That's the story of my life
Ground hog shit happen all the time
Can't see the light cuz I'm blind
Wit my telekenisos I'mma tap that mind
Solve up problems and really help mine
Catch up on manga write a few rhymes
Hit a lil weed hitta few lines
Look into the morror call myself god
Don't believe in magic I'm the wizard of ozee


[Verse 3 azizi gibson]
Ramen noodle purple drank
Shit you talking my dinner
Luffy ,toriko shit u talking u my nggas
I'm real u fake , watch how u raise yo children
Thailand , Singapore god talk about living
But anyways we been getting paid
Alvetizay y'all are gay all in the way like birrades very brave but it still remains u will get slayed
Pen and pape need wrte it down for u forget it mane
Very plane mane u Needa smoke on some marry main
Get a nigga high in the game don't be lame
Go back to school ho Go and better grades
Girl u can't suck dick learn to give some better brain

But keep it lowkey anytim the boys mention me
They want my head they want my eyes, they hate that I'm free
They create lies that make us die
If u don't believe me?
You might aswell pay me cuz none of this Infos free

Ull see Ull shit ya pant eventually
Spiritually Ull learn to take a fuk on everything
I'mma king ............................
I could care less what you think
So shut the phuck up
Suck a nigga dick
You stink

[Hook repeated]

Look and see what I seeExplain

Azizi Gibson - Ghost In The Shell (prod. by Jonathan Lowell)

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