Dash - Test Of A Man OST "Хулиганы зеленой улицы"

Текст песни:

Rep yourself, rep your fam
Rep your health and rep your clan
If the test of a man
Is to throw up your hands
Then we gonna do that part of it
'Cause it's united we stand

Rep yourself, rep your fam
Rep your health and rep your clan
If the test of a man
Is to throw up his hands
Then he gonna do that part of it
'Cause it's united we stand

Verse 1

I put my heart in this
I'm a part of the art of this
My cartilage is seeping out my nose
like smoke from Parliaments
If God is just,
Then why do I continue to sweat it
I'm ready to set it
Don't anybody down who ain't jetted
I'm headed for a brawl
I like to get locked up and then bailed out
Can't wait to get a taste
And meet my mates at the alehouse
These soldiers in the war for sport
Report on the double
Forever blowing bubbles

Verse 2

I can't resist, it takes one dis
I get pissed and here come my beer balls
I flip my shit, get ballistic
When one of my peers falls
We got a man down,
See how this fam bound?
Step up and face them, adjacent
That's how we stand ground
I feel serenity when I'm facing my enemies
Knowing any friend will be
Sending me plenty of energy
Lending no thought to penalties
Never get what the end will be
It's time to knuckle up
And yo, you ready? Well, you better be


Im like most boys taught at a young age
To stifle our emotions
Except onerage
That was acceptable
Not sadness
Im susceptible to madness
I wanna stab shit
Might wanna have kids
My greed take over me
My yin and my yang
I struggle on a daily basis
With my kin or my gang
I sit but I hanging
Making to retain bliss
Im sick n tired of hearing myself
Spit the same shit
Like Im painless
Though I bang fists
Though I bang heads
My fist connects with the blind faces
Thats nameless
Its heinous
What we do to soften eachother
While people turn a blind eye
I swear we killin eachother
Cuz while you bump this rambunctious
Tongue twists us lungs get punctured
And mums need comfort
But some get
Nothing but a cold as casket
Hate hes closed that dashkick
He bleeds it if you knows that bastard


From both coasts of the Atlantic
From the seas to seashores
Once the fires undo our alliance
In these wars
We see the probable cause
In most of our killing
But what about the ones not willing
And the ones who was children?
We supposed to be building
A better day for tomorrow
I feel like we climbing a mountain
Big as Kilimanjaro
If you feeling the sorrow
You know that your heart isn't hollow
I'm ready to lead a new mission
Are you ready to follow?
Not swallow government interests
Or their excuses devour
While corporations killing millions
With the abuses of power
I refuse it to sour
To just step by and be quiet
But I'm curbing my urges
Serve these motherfuckers a riot
We gotta question the weapon
Used for reppin' up in our habitat
The pen is mightier, why do you
Wanna go and grab a gat?
The goal is evolution
But it has to be passive
Start with the health of self
To pass the mental wealth to the massive

Rep yourself, rep your fam
Rep your health and rep your clan
The real test of a man
Is to put down his hands
And we can be united
'Cause if we divided, we damned

See theres ways of handling things
And theres ways of handling things
Some ways are just better for your health
You know what I mean?
When you take care of yourself
You taking care of your loved ones
Dont ever back down on something you believe in
Cuz if you dont stand for something
Youll fall for anything, alright?

Dash - Test Of A Man (OST

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