Devanation - Doomspire

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Without a word, without a trace you fucking vanished
As if yesterday you hadn't felt the venom dripping down on your face
So if you think there's ever gonna be a reason good enough for you to say you'll never walk away again - save it, you faked it
And now the regulators are coming to collect
You wasted too much of my fucking time
& with this blade our fates will be forever intertwined
Injecting strychnine to cloud nine, I'm not fine
This entire world is Saturnine

Perched atop the Doomspire, I wait in silence
Blissful, your heart at my side
The heart that won me over, still winning - albeit, not beating
This is the world in a broken mirror, the reflection of a streetlight in the gravel on a winter night
Forever goodbye, forever tonight, I'll see you forever in the soul you severed

This hub just doesn't have a world that's far enough away from you
If I could run then I would run myself into the fucking sun
Run, away from all the photos and the trinkets and mementos and the smiles you malignant living lie
The twilight butterflies set aflame and choking in the name of love
You never asked if I would be okay
I drowned & sunk straight to the pit of the Suffering Bay
To your dismay, dreams betray, looks decay, worthless souls they always fade away

The scars are in a time that I can't recreate
The hate is boiling and I couldn't deviate the truth - it's here and I will show it to you now
Sleep sound, deep underground

Devanation - Doomspire

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