Hollywood Undead - The Natives

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Tha Producer

Seems like everyones got their beef but tomorrow we'll be shining brighter. We'll keep it going fighting. Hold on when we win, take a hit. Cause we never gonna lose it dying. We gonna keep on fighting. Hold on when we win, take a hit. Cause we never gonna lose it dying. We gonna keep on fighting.

(chorus) Funny Man, Tha Producer

And all the days come back to me, come back to what we used to be. And in the end well find the rest. The rest has gone away.
And yesterday we used to say we'd never change and stay the same. And in the end we'll find the rest. The rest has gone away.

Charlie Scene

It gets harder to see what people want me to be, its just me
being me I'm just Charlie Scene. I used to follow my dream to
play guitar and sing, now I Rhyme over beats I take it seriously
I used to flow with G's it was a joke to me and I would never
forsee that I would be an MC.When I would skate the streets I
had a fake ID and carved my name in a tree back when it was J.T.
And now Undead will get props for the rest of our lifes, and
thats like getting a permanent high five. Cause people like our
tight rhymes and haters get a black eye, from 7 (actually 6 1/2)
crazy white guys. I'm just a guy in a band with a mic in my hand
who decided to rap and fell in love with his fans. And now my flows
are the sickest rated TEN by the bitches, and im getting
ridiculous thats how many inches my dick is

Undead Revolution, 1 , 2 , 3, GO


J-Dog & Da Kurlzz

I got my name up on a wall with JOR, I got arrested with Wes and
the Scientist. I used to run with a gang my parents sent me away
Producer showed me how to phrase, I like it better this way. Now
watch us fuck up this beat the J D O G, Shady, J-dog and me we
fuck 50 girls a week. I used to skate on the streets and always
people would beef and they pull guns out on me, oh wait that
happened last week. Im used to dancing at shows handing out the
blows, you see me and Charlie Scene tag teaming the Ho's. And our
Armor shines gold, got no albums sold, it's just me and
Da Kurlzz, were taking over the WORLD And The Servers got a
mind like a Caesar, he writes lyrics eats grapes and F Fucks at
his own leisure. And the Funny Man aint African he's Mexican
hard headed like republicans UNDEAD REVOLUTION

Undead Revolution, 1 , 2 , 3, GO


The Server
We got nothing in this world except for you boys and you girls
and we'll kill to the top and well laugh as they watch

Hollywood Undead - The Natives

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