Honor & B.A.N.G. - The Anthem Optimism

Текст песни:

i forgot what is the future
i woke up to smelling smoke
is a joel coen done crock
dont wanna snaps
they lay down pain
that raise beyond my back
evolved me exactly get on track again
my name seems written to play this game
fitting infamous foe
the floor hits hard
and im not to like it
i can not live
driving SUV touching on my rough bits
hid in scarf snuff scar spin in survival
god of our blessed
you aint see me yet
set to get things right
technical schedule in tight
jobs cob and a hot flows(?)
then i love magic after you really want it
and i want


you know we the atoms of the microcosmos of the cosmos
heard up to smell of a sweet little baggage
with negligible
i plug in box and move my hardness
now im drippin with good juice
forgot schools
who have to love issues
created on talking about babys fools

open the door
the generation
see that gets that mind first
nothing gonna advance
the misfits gotta fix up
they cant fuck with this luck

love for such
good for good
looking out support and adore
so youll see itll be everywhere men

even travelled inside
trying to unravel
my babel
in a babel im flying
by the looks
on my survival
i dislike pain
so i revive in time
without any
they dont mean no to give up


i woke up to pop off
if you try to drop a girl
get her used to money
i got seizure
to see furnace clean
dont worry
dont bug me
and want to leave with all that ive got
dear god im good i rock
cool feel
top pops quite astonished
and im rough with this
touch hard flow


Honor & B.A.N.G. - The Anthem (Optimism)

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