Kymani Marley - Warriors

Текст песни:

One time for my warriors, my last smugglers and all my buffalo soldiers
One time for my warriors, my heat carriers and all my buffalo, yo
One time for my warriors, my last smugglers and all my buffalo soldiers
One time for my warriors, my heat carriers and all my buffalo, hey

[Verse 1]
Say fool you must be crazy
What is it you tryin to do u cannot faze me
I've been smokin on a pound and feelin hazy
For five-o I won't stop they gotta chase me
Now make it mo' better for the cream
My music brings the cheddar, see what I mean
The seats in the ride is leather, the rims are clean
I change like the weather, now I'm the king, yeah yeah


[Verse 2]
Now if you wanna find me, I'll be in Jamaica smoked out
In a black navigator, evading all the playa haters - high
Here comes the rover with the troops
Decked out in army fatigues,
And stompin 'um with my black tin boots, say what
Now while you remixing punch lines, I create
How you wanna battle me, hah
When you just a feather weight, hey yo
You know how long I've been knocking out heavyweights, it's best you chill
Meditate find your space and know your place because
I'm like a disciple, when I appear from the clouds
I gets on stage I get the mic and then I bless the crowd, blow
Me and my soldiers we gon' ride tonight
Get some of the - we gon' get high
Babylon ridin slowly, ah try fe hold me
Want to prosecute I for my Ganja
Babylon ridin slowly, ah try fe hold me
Like they don't know, eh, what I'm tellin ya


[Verse 3]
It's me a runnin down in J-A
Twenty thousand pounds of Ses on the ship headin straight for the bay, yo
Well I'm a check the rice around the weed
And all vibes have got me jealous and I meditate, hey
Now probably I hit the airways
I'm burnin live 'till I'm back in the M-I-A, yeah
I say my soldiers from around the way
I call up shortly for the party we be doin this everyday

[Chorus x4]

Kymani Marley - Warriors

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